A Forward Looking Tarot Reading for 2022

Many tarot readers have New Year readings at this time of year, and I am no exception. It’s a ritual that I always look forward to. I put on my most comfortable clothes and filled a huge mug with my favorite tea. Once I was nice and comfortable, I would draw cards from multiple decks and just spend hours talking to the cards.

Whether you are a tarot reader or not, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on the past year and plan for the future. Start by giving yourself some credit for things that went well. Next, try to think of some things you did badly without apologizing for them. Understand why they happened and evaluate if you think you can do better in the future.

After shaking hands with this past, focus on the year ahead. Think about what you are looking forward to or what you want to achieve. And I have some advice for that. This is what I ask questioners as I ponder questions to ask the cards, and I think this advice works just as well in life: formulate your intentions in the most positive way you can.

For example, if your current year has been stressful and you want to be free from it, don’t say, “I don’t want to be so stressed next year”. It’s not about what you don’t want; It’s about what you want. A better expression for this wish could be: “Next year I want to devote myself to the search for inner peace.” Since reality is what we can perceive, we can create new realities by changing our perspectives.

The following is a new annual reading for the collective. For this reading, I have pondered my feelings toward society today – good and bad – and ultimately turned them into the intent of contributing to the trust and good faith of our communities.

How can I make a positive contribution to society?

Card: Alchemist

The alchemist, known as the magician in most decks, has her own destiny in her hands. In front of her are the emblems of the four elements, which symbolize that she has everything she needs to be successful on her chosen path. The background is painted red, the color of will and passion. This implies that in addition to skills and resources, she has focus and determination.

When I show up in this position, the alchemist reminds me of what I used to think that contributing to society meant. I thought it should be something noble, like charity or activism. There is a notion that it must be a “worthy cause”.

However, as I grow and become more comfortable with myself, I am beginning to realize that contributions don’t have to change the world. Every path is different and the best way to contribute is to simply be the best version of ourselves. So if you’re a baker, you bake; If you are a cinephiler, keep watching these movies! By simply enjoying our passions with joy and helping others to do the same, we will add to the positivity of this world.

How can I learn and grow from past experiences?

Map: moon

The moon represents our subconscious. More specifically, it can represent the things we try to suppress, such as our fear and shame. But like Pandora’s Box, while it’s scary, it’s not all bad. Our full potential lies beneath all the unpleasant things we’d like to hide. If we suppress any aspect of ourselves, we risk locking something precious away with it.

Most of us have things we don’t like about ourselves. For those who can spare some compassion for themselves, ask what burdens we have carried. Whether it’s anger, guilt, insecurity, or things that are so scary we can’t even risk naming them, think about how it would feel if we could live without these things. What aspects of our true selves can surface when these burdens are lifted?

Orientation aid

Card: judgment

Instead of asking a specific question, I looked for open-ended instructions for this internship. What wisdom does the universe want to impart to us at this time?

Although not the last card in the major arcana, the judgment marks the end of a journey. This is a nice contrast to the magician who shows up at the beginning of a journey to remind us that we have what it takes to succeed. Here comes the judgment to reinforce their message.

While there are many ways to interpret this card (and every other card in the deck), I think that it is meant to remind us that those who are empowered don’t need to worry, and neither do we, feel about the judgment of others should be forced to judge. If we go our own way happily and give others the freedom to do so, we will all contribute to a civil and respectful society.

Wing is a GTA-based tarot reader and teacher. You can find her on Instagram @tarotmechanic

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