Can the police impose a fine for illegal parking or parking in a shopping mall?

This is one of the big doubts motorists have at this time when everyone goes to shopping malls and witnesses real atrocities related to road safety and traffic regulations.

You have certainly seen someone park in the handicapped area without having the appropriate accreditation.

Or have you seen a driver drive 30 meters in the opposite direction in order to get out of the parking lot as quickly as possible.

Or do you have a witness as a driver, he occupied three parking spaces because he didn’t want anyone to park next to himso they don’t scratch the door.

Shopping malls, as we told you before, are places that don’t seem to have any laws or road rules. It’s a man of his own (like the loading and unloading areas).

Therefore, we want to dispel a historical doubt in this regard: Can the police impose a fine on you if you park incorrectly or circulate incorrectly in a mall?

Thanks to La Vanguardia, we heard a ruling by the No 1 Administrative Court of Vigo in 2021 that can answer the big question formulated in the previous paragraph.

DGT has published a number of tips to help drivers drive more carefully and avoid the most common accidents.

The point is that in the parking lot of the Gran Vía de Vigo shopping center a lady parked in a disabled parking lot because she felt like it.

A lady saw her park and called the police. They fined her for improper parking as she was not disabled and she appealed because the mall is a private place and according to her statement, the police had no authority to sanction a traffic offense within the private property on which she parked her car incorrectly because it was not part of the public road network.

And that’s where The court found that the perpetrator parked irregularly on private property was used by an unspecified group of users, such as the parking lot of the Gran Vía shopping center, so that the offense did not go unpunished and the driver had to take the penalty.

After a year of testing DGT drones are already able to impose fines if they catch you driving a vehicle, but what kind of fines can these devices impose?

The General Traffic Regulations state that the only areas where the police cannot issue fines are: Streets, properties, garages, garages or other premises of a similar type that are built within private properties, are withdrawn from public use and are intended for the exclusive use of the owners and their relatives.

So, you know, the next time you go to a mall, it is best to follow the directions and rules of the street. For the sake of your wallet.

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