Cardknox introduces contactless QR code payments


With the popularity of smartphone use and contactless usage, so too does the number of services that offer it.

The use of contactless QR code payments at point of sale has become pretty commonplace over the past year and a half as businesses and consumers seek ways to make transactions without touching devices.

Cardknox Development has now announced that its app is compatible with quick response code.

As a result, software developers who want to add contactless QR code payments to their apps have the option to do so. The Cardknox API enables developers to generate unique quick response codes on point-of-sale devices or on customer receipts. When customers scan the codes with their phone, they are automatically directed to a form where they can enter their payment details to complete the transaction.

For the initial roll-out, Cardknox intends to target developers in the retail, travel and hospitality, healthcare, leisure and entertainment sectors.

“Our API plays with the entire contactless movement of consumer payment convenience by allowing developers to add this functionality to their application,” said Cardknox Marketing Supervisor Alex Varone.


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Contactless QR code payments have become increasingly popular over the past year and a half.

According to a study by Mastercard Inc., contactless transaction methods have been very popular since the beginning of the pandemic. Eight out of ten buyers surveyed said they made contactless payments. In addition, a further 74 percent of those surveyed said they wanted to continue using the technology even after the end of the pandemic.

Cardknox’s Quick Response Code API supports a number of different potential uses. For example, restaurants can print a code on a receipt for a customer and the customer can scan the barcode to complete the payment without a cashier or server handling the credit card or the customer touching the point-of-the-point. Sale keyboard.

Healthcare providers can also use contactless QR code payments to bill patients directly using a pre-filled form with account information and performance data. According to Cardknox, the system processes twice as fast as conventional credit card readers. In addition, data entered through the forms accessed using the barcodes is hosted on the company’s secure and PCI compliant payment infrastructure.

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