Coworking with Caitlin Tirakian


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Caitlin Tirakian began her real estate career as an event director at UW-Madison’s real estate club. (UWM is home to the industry’s oldest graduate program in the US.) She stayed loyal to the field, later doing an internship at ShopCore, where she has been a retail research analyst since 2020.

How would you describe your job to someone who doesn’t work in retail? I research consumer trends, retailer news, and market analysis to aid shopping mall acquisitions and management.

There is one thing we cannot see from your LinkedIn profile about your job: My job touches many facets of retail and the teams in my company. Data research sometimes has a boring connotation. I find it so exciting that I turn all the numbers and data we find into information for my team and company.

What is your favorite project that you have been working on? I love the monthly / quarterly reports that I work on. Everyone has their own focus in retail. It is very rewarding to take data and turn it into consumable information.

Name your preferred retail account that you want to follow: I’ve always been a fan of Free People. From their products to posts, they are consistently engaged.

Hands down, the best fast food restaurant chain is …Jimmy Johns. My college roommates and I had a list on our whiteboard of who ate the most in a semester. I won with over 10 points.

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