Final trespassing, sanitized whereabouts, virus vitrol | San Juan County Sheriff’s Protocol

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

9th March

• A San Juan congressman stopped the driver of a vehicle for driving 64 miles per hour in a designated 45-mile speed zone and issued him a speeding subpoena.

• A representative of orcas responded to a local daycare that their Facebook page had been hacked; the case is not yet closed.

• A Lopez deputy responded to an accident-injury call. A deer jumped in front of a moped driver, who hit the deer and caused an accident with his vehicle. The driver sustained injuries and was flown to a hospital.

• Congressmen responded to a report of a serious attack in Friday Harbor. An investigation found the suspect injured two people when he stole their property. The suspect was located and arrested for two counts of first-degree robbery and for being underage drunk in public.

March 10th

• A San Juan deputy responded to a single-vehicle collision. The driver was issued multiple summonses for lack of insurance, lack of registration in the vehicle, driving with off-road wheels and defective equipment.

March 11

• At the request of the Washington State Police and Washington State Ferries Security, a Lopez resident was issued a 60-day trespassing notice as a result of his continued disruptive behavior at the Lopez terminal.

• A San Juan lawmaker discovered a building fire while on patrol. The home appeared to be unoccupied and the deputy removed combustible materials from the immediate area until personnel from the San Juan Fire Department arrived to fight the blaze. No injuries occurred.

March 12th

• A San Juan lawmaker responded to a report of threats. While a person was walking their dog, the accused made threats and tried to take the dog away. The suspect was jailed for disorderly conduct and criminal intent to commit first-degree theft.

• A San Juan state lawmaker responded to a report of a building fire. Upon arrival, it was found that the fire had been extinguished. The cause seemed to have been accidental.

March 13th

• A San Juan lawmaker responded to a report of vandalism. A house was shot at with eggs and a flag was stolen. At the time there were no viable leads and the incident was documented.

• San Juan lawmakers responded to a report of a person pointing a gun out of a window.

• A deputy received a found object and introduced it as evidence.

• On San Juan, one person turned himself in on a pending warrant and was taken to jail without incident.

• A deputy was dispatched to a traffic accident involving a single vehicle in the San Juan area. A vehicle left the roadway, but no one was injured. After an investigation, the driver was arrested and put on trial for drink driving.

the 14th of March

• A deputy has been dispatched to a possible domestic incident in the Friday Harbor area. Several people said they heard a man and woman arguing. After consultation with those involved, the deputy determined that there was no crime.

• San Juan lawmakers are currently investigating a report of vandalism after a local business was attacked by several people seen on CCTV.

• A deputy for Lopez was dispatched to investigate a 911 hang-up call. When dispatchers repeatedly tried to call back, the phone was finally picked up and immediately hung up again. A child tried to call mom and accidentally called 911. There was no emergency.

• Lopez lawmakers were called to a civil dispute at a local business where customers had a heated argument over COVID restrictions. No physical altercation ensued and no property was damaged.

• A San Juan congressman stopped a driver for driving in a designated 45-mile speed zone at 69 mph and issued him a speeding subpoena.

March, 15

• A representative of Lopez was called regarding an identity theft/fraud case. A resident was contacted by a bank about an unsubmitted credit card application. The application was canceled. The victim’s personal information was among the information stolen in the Department of Licensing hack.

• An investigation continues after an orca representative received and filed a theft report.

• Orca proxies were dispatched to a trespassing site and found no crime had been committed.

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