Five ways to collect “transport money” from your friend

Ladies, listen up! Recently, the number of men has increased social media ranting about how much money they gave you.

They also reveal how many of you charge them for the money for basically everything from what you carry and eat to your transportation.

It’s quite sad and disappointing to see men complaining about what is seen as their natural responsibility.

In our ancestors’ time, men were charged with meeting the needs of their significant other (aka you). And those needs aren’t just limited to a specific list of things, they’re limited to everything.

As many Nigerian men discover a new financial “awakening,” they suddenly feel that a woman should be in charge of their needs. While this may be true to a certain extent, when it comes to charging transport money, this is relatively questionable.

For those ladies unfamiliar with the term “carrying money”, consider yourself enlightened. Transport money is the money your friend gives you every time you visit him at home or at an agreed place.

It’s insulting when a man hesitates to give a woman “transportation money.” Sometimes a man is expected to offer the money before the woman asks for it. A woman who leaves her home to meet a man deserves compensation.

Some men are not generous when it comes to donations, so it is difficult to collect “transportation money” from them. This article lists five ways you can collect “Transportation Money” from your friend.

5. Point of Service (POS) machine

There is a category of men who always claim to have no cash on hand every time they visit. And if you suggest going to an ATM, dismiss the idea.

Ladies, we present you a solution called POS machine. With the help of this kiosk in front of your house, you could borrow one of their machines and bring them to your friend’s house. So the next time he complains about not having any money with him, you would pull out the machine and ask, “Electricity or savings?”

4. Reception

Guys love proper accountability, and what better way to do that than with a receipt proving you don’t want to charge him for anything other than the amount actually spent on transportation?

If you give him a receipt, he has no choice but to give you the money. Now you’re probably wondering how to charge additional fees. Four words: Photoshop and a printer.

3. Don’t threaten to visit

Do we need to discuss this point further? He threatens to stop visiting you after he stops giving you transportation money or fails to give you the full amount. It would make him realize that you are worth more than money and that threat could get you a raise.

2. Inflate costs

Most friends don’t like going to the market, so they send you. If your friend doesn’t give you t-money, the solution is simple: add twenty percent more to the grocery price. For example, if you originally bought a fish for 2,000, you could add 300 to the price.

1. Rate

If he says, “I don’t have the amount you want, you can always offer to pay in installments.”

It works because he would give you the amount he has at that point with a promise to complete the rest later.

A side note

As supportive as this article may sound, if you’re billing your friend, it’s important to remember that their financial situations are different. If you have a friend who original loves you and is struggling financially, try to limit your demands.

Disclaimer: Follow our advice at your own risk. Remember to always take “Vex Money” with you when visiting a man in case things go wrong.

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