Galaxy Z Fold 3 with 256GB and 512GB storage options


Google was never a fan of removable drives on Android and refused to install microSD card readers in any of their Nexus or Pixel phones. However, other Android phone manufacturers preferred to keep users happy and Samsung used to be one of them. Despite the initial backlash, Samsung has slowly removed the memory expansion options from its flagship phones. That makes this rumor about the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s storage capabilities even more significant, especially given the alleged price tag.

While it may be a shame and disappointment not to have a microSD card slot on phones like the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S21, not having one on foldable phones can be a little forgivable. Samsung has likely tried to avoid every possible entry point for particles as some internal components are delicate. It could also have tried to reduce manufacturing costs by removing unnecessary features.

Unfortunately, this also means that the storage capacity is available to you when you purchase your phone and at retail price. For the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and its $ 2,000 price tag, having only 256GB of storage forever can feel suffocating. The good news, based at least on rumors, is that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be cheaper than last year’s foldable phone. Even better, it will still start at 256GB.

It’s a matter of perspective, of course, and 256GB is still 256GB, which means it might still not be enough for some users. However, now it may come at a price that better sets expectations. Not only that, the rumors also point to 512GB configurations, most likely for higher prices.

It will be admirable and impressive when Samsung manages to really push the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 down, despite a lot more features. These are of course based on unofficial information and we won’t know how much Samsung will charge for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and its features until August.

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