Greater Noida: Gnida imposes fines for illegal waste disposal | Noida News

Greater Noida: In a move that will significantly improve sanitation in the city, the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) has introduced an onsite Challan system via the Point of Sale (POS) for illegal waste disposal within the city limits.
For this, the agency has teamed up with HDFC Bank and fines are collected through the POS machines and the receipt of the challan is given to the offender on the spot, unlike before when this was done manually and had to be updated in the agency files.
Initially, smaller fines are to be imposed, officials at the agency said.
“We are the first authority in the country to impose fines for unattended garbage at the pay station. This will generate a challan on site and the amount of the challan will also be debited immediately, just like any debit card machine. This eliminates the hassle of creating a manual challan and updating it in government records,” said Salil Yadav, deputy director general of the public health agency, GNIDA.
This machine will be at the agency’s health department and will be used by their teams in their routine hygiene inspections around the city.
According to officials, in addition to the awareness campaign to clean up Greater Noida, the agency is also opening up the use of technology for this endeavor.
“With the POS device, the agency is making a new technological start. The payment machine is being developed in cooperation with HDFC Bank. The process has started and the fine data is being updated on the agency’s website,” Yadav added.
Due to the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 in force in Greater Noida, all bulk waste generators must dispose of their own waste. “The agency will only pick up the inert waste for which a fixed fee is charged from bulky waste producers,” Yadav said.

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