Helcim releases colored card reader stands

Calgary, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Often rated as a payment company, you can finally do it feel well Helcim announces it has revamped its card reader and is now offering merchants a choice of colored stands with orders. The stands are currently offered in Helcim-branded colors – pink, purple and yellow – making it one of the few personal payment solutions in Canada and the US with bright color options.

According to Forbes, hybrid shopping is a consumer trend that will continue to grow. Even Amazon has committed to physical store locations, proving that in-person payment innovation is still a viable growth strategy for payment processors looking to offer merchants a one-stop omnichannel solution.

“We believe in the importance of creating a consistent, branded merchant journey and we wanted to extend that philosophy to our merchants and give them the ability to customize their checkout experience,” said Kaitie Weaver, Head of Brand at Helcim. “Helcim exists to give small businesses every possible advantage to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and within our sphere of influence, payments, offering color choices for businesses that need card readers was a natural step in adopting our product offering.”

“Customization is one of our secret weapons to fulfill our mission to become the world’s favorite payments company. When merchants sign up for a free Helcim account, they have access to all of our digital solutions at no additional cost and can scale their needs as their business grows,” says Dagan Cardinal, Head of Product at Helcim. “We are very excited to extend this tailored approach to our credit card readers”

The Helcim card reader does everything a traditional credit card machine does and more, with less headache, more flexibility and at a fraction of the cost. For just $109 ($139 CAD), businesses can easily accept in-person payments.

To learn more about the Helcim card reader and colored stand, visit helcim.com/findyourcolor

About Helcim

Helcim’s mission is to become the world’s favorite payments company by giving small businesses every advantage they can to thrive and enrich our communities. The company offers a simpler, smarter and more affordable payment experience with a human touch. Helcim serves thousands of businesses in Canada and the US across 800 different industries and processes billions of dollars in payments each year.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/helcim-releases-coloured-card-reader-stands-allowing-merchants-to-express-their-unique-brands-all-the-way-through-to-payment/


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