How to make a payment without opening the Paytm app: follow these simple steps

The Digital India program is India’s flagship initiative to transform India into a digitally-enabled society and knowledge-based economy. One of Digital India’s stated goals is to be “faceless, paperless and cashless”. Digital payment services are contactless, cashless and paperless payment methods. Technology has enabled the world to leverage these simple financial transactions through services like smartphone apps and AI/machine learning. Also Read – Paytm Shuts Down Its App In Canada, Prompting Users To Spend All Money In Wallet

We can pay quickly using digital payment apps including Paytm and Google Pay, which are popular media for digital payments. We have put together a simple step to easily make payments without the Paytm app. Also Read – How to Delete Gpay Account from Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Also, to make its app’s experience more interesting for users, the company has launched a new feature called Tap to Pay, which can help you make payments without opening the Paytm app and without using the internet. Also Read – Fake Paytm App Used to Steal Your Money: How to Spot Such Scams

Things you need:

  1. Your Paytm app should be updated.
  2. Must have an active debit or credit card account.

To make a payment without opening the Paytm app:

STEP 1: First, open the Paytm app on your phone.

STEP 2: Now scroll down and go to Tap to Pay option in My Paytm section.

STEP 3: Now tap on the Add New Card button at the bottom and enter the card details.

STEP4: Here you can also select the already saved map.

STEP 5: Now accept the terms of use and click “Next” to confirm.

STEP 6: To pay with Tap to Pay, unlock your smartphone and enable NFC.

STEP 7: Now bring your smartphone close to the NFC enabled POS device and keep it steady until the payment is made.

STEP 8: For transactions over Rs 5000 you need to enter the PIN of the card on the POS machine.

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