Job: IT Support Officer at Tastee Fried Chicken – TFC

De Tastee Group is a leading quick service restaurant, outdoor caterer, venue manager and home delivery catering service. Our sumptuous meals are produced under very strict hygienic conditions, with our branches being strategically located and providing a beautiful ambiance for family and friends. Our event halls are equipped with ultra-modern and classic interiors to offer guests an unforgettable experience. De Tastee Group operates in these 5 units to cater to different customer experiences
General aim/purpose of the position

IT support officers are mainly responsible for the smooth operation of cash registers, POS printers, computer systems, counters, data services and applications and ensuring that users get maximum benefit from them.
They are also responsible for all IT related administrative support and related office operations. Act as a point of contact for all employees, provide technical support and process their inquiries.

roles and tasks

Maintaining Sage Pastel Evolution servers across the 13 outlets, warehouses, TPL, CPU and Venue to ensure they are up and running, providing accounting platforms for the accounting department to carry out their duties.
Maintenance of all points of sale (POS) and printers in all 13 branches.
Managing the mail server to ensure it is up and running, ensuring that interdepartmental and interdepartmental correspondence memos are delivered electronically and communication is maintained.
Maintaining network routers and switches at headquarters and branches to ensure connectivity between branches.
Maintenance of all company ICT assets, including hardware and software.
Installation and supervision of the installation of IT equipment in all branches.
Installing and setting up multimedia equipment and gadgets in meeting and event venues. Examples are board meetings, press conferences, executive, etc
Troubleshoot and repair the organization’s general network.
Repairing damaged computer systems to minimize replacement costs and optimize usage at the cost of acquisition.
Training of employees in the correct handling of computer systems and devices such as printers, copiers, scanners, etc
Training front office staff (CCP, sales manager, etc.) on the proper use and handling of front office equipment (e.g. POS machine and printer, UPS) to streamline operations.
On-the-job training of some employees in the use of application software.

Required Qualifications/Skills

Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree
2-3 years of relevant work experience.
Strong organizational skills with a problem-solving attitude
Excellent communication and analytical skills (oral and written)
attention to detail
should be able to interact with all staff at all levels and cadres.
Creative, open to new ideas and able to multitask effectively
Good time management and planning skills
Good understanding of system hardware and T-Shoot
Good understanding of the Windows operating system (client and server)
Basic knowledge of IP networks and system applications.
Knowledge of SaaS & PaaS is an advantage.

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