LearningCart wins the Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Advancement in External Training

LearningCart received this recognition for its comprehensive platform with which learning and training products can be easily marketed, provided and used profitably.

The recognition for this award is further confirmation that what we have built up over the last 10 years meets the needs of our customers to sell, market and expand their training companies. “

– Troy Gorostiza

SEATTLE, WA, USA, December 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – LearningCart, a leading e-commerce LMS provider, has received a coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for excellence in the Best Advance in Learning Management Technology category for External Training “won. Category. The LearningCart win was announced on December 9, 2021.

LearningCart received this recognition for its comprehensive platform that is used by individuals and organizations alike to easily market, seamlessly deploy, and leverage their learning and training products.

The solution consists of a content management system (CMS), a learning management system (LMS) and a fully integrated e-commerce engine that enables customers to have a single solution for all of their training platform needs. “As education continues to expand outside of traditional companies and institutions, it has been an exciting time to work in educational technology. While more and more solutions are available to customers working in this space, we believe that the focus of LearningCart and the breadth of our capabilities continue to set our platform apart, ”said Christian Gainsbrugh, CTO and Co-Founder of LearningCart. “Recognition for this award is further confirmation and affirmation that what we have built over the past 10 years meets the needs of our customers to sell, market and grow their training business,” added Troy Gorostiza – VP of Customer Solutions added.

“Technology has never been more important to success in human capital management as it is today. We were excited to see a lot of new innovation in all areas, but especially in relation to the future of work, “said Brandon Hall Group Chief Operating Officer and Awards Program Director Rachel Cooke. “Thanks to the many innovations from our Excellence in Technology winners, companies have many compelling options as they make important decisions about how to use technology to advance their people strategies.”

“HCM solution providers need to be experts and visionaries in the technology, but they also need to be able to anticipate the diverse needs of employers as they work to adapt to ongoing change,” said Mike Cooke, CEO of Brandon Hall Group. “That requires a mixture of curiosity, empathy and agility that is difficult to achieve. We saw an exceptional level of insight and creativity from our Excellence in Technology winners, it was exciting to see. ”A panel of seasoned, independent senior industry experts and senior analysts and executives from the Brandon Hall Group evaluated entries based on the following Criteria :

• Product: What was the breakthrough innovation in the product?
• Unique selling points: What makes the product unique and how does it differ from competing products?
• Value proposition: What problem does the product solve and / or what needs does this product address?
• Measurable Results: What benefits can customers expect from using this product?

About LearningCart
LearningCart has everything a company needs to turn its training or education offerings into a solid source of income. From the single unified platform, customers can access an integrated website builder, e-commerce shopping cart, blog engine, learning management system (LMS), and a variety of integrations with popular third-party platforms. The solution allows you to market, sell, and deliver virtually any type of educational product, including eLearning, videos, on-demand training, live webinars, physical products (such as books / materials), e-books, downloadable files, and even access to Third-party systems.

LearningCart is a modular platform that enables customers of all sizes to configure the solution to meet their needs not only for today but also for their future growth.


About Brandon Hall Group
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By combining the research studies with the best practices from the awards, the Brandon Hall Group has helped more than 10,000 clients worldwide and provided world-class research and advice for more than 28 years. The core of our offerings is a membership program that combines research, benchmarking and unrestricted access to data and analysts.


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