Major Shreveport retailer closes early. Outgoing customers say why

Almost all of us have seen the hastily made signs posted on shop windows or doors. “Nah,” they say, “No workers.”

And companies all over the world Shreveport and Bossier town The affected areas appear to be all sizes, large and small, with just a few or dozens and dozen of employees.

but Walmart? Serious? You are way too big to be concerned, aren’t you? No not really. the Shreveport Walmart location at Bert Kouns and Youree Closed on Thursday evening at 8 a.m. Customers were not given a reason as they approached the store, but a number of people rushing out of the supercenter said they had been told by workers inside that they would close at 8 p.m. – three hours early – because of a lack of manpower.

How quickly were the doors shown to the customers?

And the customers who were hungry and said they couldn’t even finish their shopping seemed right. People could leave the building. But nobody could get in.

A quick spin around that Walmart Parking lot just twenty minutes later confirmed the closure. A parking lot, practically abandoned by cars, entrances and exits, usually sliding without interruption, tightly locked. And the only one Walmart Employees in sight, a few scattered fellows who grab one or the other stray shopping trolley from the deserted sidewalk.

What is causing the problem for Walmart?

So what’s the deal? The Omicron variant of COVID, maybe. Large department stores – including Walmart – across the country have faced labor shortages and premature closings. In fact, in some places Walmarts don’t open at all. Retail Dive says, “Walmart is taking a more geographically specific approach and is temporarily closing Walmart and Sam’s Club stores for cleaning, as it has been doing” since shortly after the pandemic started in 2020, “according to a company spokesperson.

And a Walmart in New Jersey was closed indefinitely after 90 workers tested positive for the Omicron variant.

Hopefully everything will be all right with the staff at Walmart’s Shreveport and they will be light and early again at exactly 8 a.m. But these are unusual times, so just in case, call 318 797-5970 first.

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