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I already mentioned that your camera can be used to scan QR codes, but did you know there is a hidden app on the iPhone too?

Swipe from the left side of the iPhone screen to the right side and the search box will appear. type “Scanner,” and an icon “Code Scanner” appears. Click on it and you can start scanning a QR code.

Did you know that you can receive calls on your computer? On iPhone, go to Settings, Phone, click Calls on other devices and click all white dots until they turn green. Now when your phone rings, you will also hear a tone from your Mac. You can click on it to answer the call.

Here’s a neat trick you can try to edit a photo with your Mac and have the same photo appear on the iPhone at the same time… and everything you do on the Mac also happens on the iPhone! Open the Photos app on your iPhone, then open the Photos application on your Mac and choose a photo. At the top of the page select Edit – at the very top there is a small circle with three dots in it called a markup. So, go ahead and click on it.

Impressive! Double wow – now the iPhone has the same photo as on your Mac. After the initial shock, try drawing with your finger on your iPhone and see what happens on Mac.

Everything you do on the iPhone is now reflected on the Mac screen. But wait… try drawing something on the Mac screen. Guess what? It also appears on the iPhone screen. You can use your finger or a Mac pencil and choose all sorts of colors and styles, add text and crop.

Using the highlight tool compared to the Mac photo tools is much easier and less confusing.

Let’s say you want to write a letter to Pepe in Tijuana asking him where to find a good bar to drink tequila, but he doesn’t speak English. No problem.

Open the Pages program on your Mac and type: “Hi Pepe, where is the best bar to drink tequila?” Next, highlight the sentence with your mouse, right click on the sentence and select Translate. In the center of the box is an up and down arrow button that you can use to select the language.

I chose Spanish, and in the middle it says: “Hola Pepe, ¿dónde está el mejor bar para beber tequila?” It appears in orange. So click “Replace with translation” and go ahead and send it to Pepe.

With your iPhone you can measure everything without a ruler. On the iPhone screen, swipe from left to right and type MEASURE in the search box. Just position the white dot and then press the plus sign. Now raise it to your height and tap the plus sign to get the measurements.

I just found out that Apple is going to add a new feature to the iPhone. Soon you’ll be able to use your iPhone as a credit card reader. That means merchants and businesses can process transactions using credit and debit cards.

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