Pakistan’s Zong 4G cooperates with OPay to integrate a mobile charging facility

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leader in mobile and digital services, has partnered with OP Digital Services (OPay) to integrate mobile top-up functionality into OPay’s point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

Through this collaboration, OPay will ensure customers have mobile charging available at more locations such as malls, pharmacies, etc., and help merchants increase customer loyalty at their respective locations. This partnership will help both companies advance their mission of providing digital solutions to their customers.

It’s also the first time a POS service provider has enabled merchants to offer mobile top-up services through its physical touchpoints. This new addition to OPay’s services will also allow merchants to serve their customers with new smart POS solutions offered through the agent network with the aim of having a positive impact on financial inclusion.

OPay is a Beijing-based fintech company with a presence in Africa and Asia and is valued at over $2 billion. It is a mobile-based one-stop platform for payment, transportation, groceries and grocery delivery, and other essential services in daily life. Millions of users rely on OPay every day to send and receive money, pay bills, among other things. Zong 4G is the digital partner for Pakistani youth, leading Pakistan into a new era of connectivity and opportunity.

As a customer-centric company that offers innovative solutions and services, Zong leaves no stone unturned to meet the needs of the digitally savvy generation. With more than 14,000 4G towers and the best data and value-added services, Zong 4G is proving to be the network of choice for millions of young people.

Qaiser Sheikh, Director Partnerships at OPay Pakistan
Partnering with a mobile and digital services giant like Zong will help us reach more customers across Pakistan and help them top up their cellphones more conveniently. We share the goals of digitization in Pakistan and it is precisely this motto that brought the two organizations closer.

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