Retail gets a smart upgrade at NRF this week

NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show brought the most exciting technology and innovations for retail stores to New York City this week, and some of the biggest buzz came from a collaboration between Veea, Qualcomm and iFREE Group.

The three partner companies unveiled and demonstrated the new TROLLEE RetailHub and AdEdge solutions, showing how consumer experience can improve along with profit margins when technology is paired with strategic thinking.

TROLLEE is an intelligent shopping cart experience loaded with the AdEdge advertising platform, and the joint solution is a next-gen shopping experience designed to serve shopping carts or trolleys in retail stores with location-based intelligent services, coupons and discounts, entertainment, and, with the addition of AdEdge, targeted advertising.

The product is based on Qualcomm’s APQ8053 and IPQ7153 IoT solutions and was developed in collaboration with iFREE Group and layered into Veea’s VeeaHub platform. All in all, the complete package combines edge computing, AI, and indoor positioning into one service that’s supposed to give smart retail a real (and, in my opinion, necessary) upgrade.

Shoppers will be most excited about the ease of use, targeted discounts, and help navigating stores, but the NRF hype was all about contextual digital advertising solution AdEdge. The sophisticated advertising platform is designed to intelligently and directly target shoppers with interactive and immersive advertising in the real world. It reportedly processes real-time data from multiple sources to deliver holistic insights and deeper information on ad performance, viewer attention, demographics and shopper preferences, allowing retailers for the first time to set goals and limits for ad campaigns delivered locally , with the ability to cache the ad content for targeted, personalized advertising, supported by its highly accurate indoor positioning solution.

Promotional content, special offers and/or coupons for in-store products are cached on VeeaHub units and delivered instantly when a shopper is near the promoted products to enable unparalleled shopping experiences. However, downloading this content from the cloud in real-time would not result in satisfactory user experiences due to latency and lack of tight integration with indoor positioning systems.

“Retailers win when they provide customers with consistently exciting experiences while driving product sales in their stores and supporting brands in disruptive new ways,” said Allen Salmasi, Founder and CEO of Veea, Inc. “We are excited to be part from Veea, Inc. to be Qualcomm Technologies retail technology ecosystem and to demonstrate our TROLLEE Smart Shopping Cart and AdEdge solutions at the NRF event. After showcasing these collaborative retail innovations at last year’s Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate event, we are leading Together with other members of the retail ecosystem, we create exceptional shopping opportunities the intelligent advantage with fun, engaging digital services that enhance the shopper journey while generating valuable data and insights for retailers and brands.”

An introductory video of the TROLLEE Smart Retail Solution is available here.

Edited by Luke Bellos

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