SCB chooses BPC as a solution partner in Vietnam

Saigon Commercial Bank (SCB) has made a decision BPC as a solution partner in Vietnam and helps to accelerate the digital transformation in the Vietnamese banking sector.

With BPC’s SmartVista platform for the bill of exchange and card management system, SCB will be able to provide hyper-personalized services to customers and enhance the digital banking experience across the country.

In order to expand its market share and offer customers the prepayment method, SCB would like to diversify its product for retail services, in which card services are geared towards the requirements of business process optimization, time saving, accuracy and security.

The bank decided in favor of the SmartVista ATM switching and card management system in order to configure the products specifically for the bank – without coding or additional investments.

BPC SmartVista will improve SCB’s payment method, including card transactions at ATMs, POS and e-commerce, and the time and process for issuing cards, while integrating many functions into internet banking and mobile banking channels with it Customers can proactively meet their card service needs.

In addition to creating highly customized services, SCB will also provide virtual self-service ATMs to facilitate boarding and issuing of cards for customers and easy-to-use transactions. The bank will continue to expand its POS acquiring business in partnership with Visa and Mastercard using the SmartVista solution.

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