Siemens introduces the open industrial edge ecosystem; Third-party app providers can now offer solutions based on the Siemens Industrial Edge Platform

Siemens, a leading provider of automation technology and industrial software, has a digital and manufacturer-independent, cross-manufacturer Appstore for industrial customers. The marketplace serves as a transaction mechanism specifically for the Siemens Industrial Edge platform: an innovative IT platform that enables the scalable use of IT technologies and apps in the production environment. In addition to the Siemens Edge Apps for the discrete and machine tool industries, third-party providers such as Braincube, Cybus, SeioTec and Tosibox have already started listing their products. Customers benefit from a wide range of software components from numerous providers and manufacturers, which they can integrate into their production processes in a standardized manner. The diverse range of services already extends from connectivity, data storage, visualization and analysis to machine monitoring as well as energy and asset management. As an open software platform, Industrial Edge thus forms an edge computing ecosystem.

Siemens introduces the open industrial edge ecosystem

The new offer enables B2B customers to purchase and operate multiple software components on an all-in-one platform. By doing Industrial Edge Marketplace, customers enjoy an intuitive and consistent user experience when buying and using software and services – as customers from B2C app stores are used to. In just a few steps you can fill your app shopping cart, order, pay immediately and use your products – regardless of individual manufacturers. In addition to the classic payment methods, payment by credit card is also possible. In addition, partners do not need to interact directly with customers to ensure smooth ordering, payment, and delivery of their software, as is common practice in today’s industrial marketplaces. The platform, which is supported by Siemens and has a global presence, is ideal for app developers to gain access to the industrial automation market. In order to gradually expand and expand the offer, Siemens attaches particular importance to additional partner services and software apps that are the focus of the Industrial Edge Ecosystem.

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The future of industry lies in data: this has been clearly shown by the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT) in recent years. In other words: data is the key to more productivity, more efficiency, better use of resources and much more … Future-oriented industrial automation systems must be adaptable and agile in order to meet the requirements for faster product development cycles and shorter time-to-market. Edge computing can help manufacturing companies to integrate their automation systems even more effectively into the digital factory of the future. Any process data generated by systems and previously unused can thus be transferred to the correct (central) systems, including production control or cloud systems, in order to make better use of this precious treasure than today. IT market research companies also agree that edge computing technology is the key to overcoming the challenges of Industry 4.0. In view of the enormous amounts of data and the high speed of data generation – and taking into account the need for real-time insights and current network restrictions – the use of edge computing solutions, including data processing at the source, is indispensable in today’s industrial world. A major advantage of Industrial Edge is the distributed processing and analysis of data by edge devices on the production level or directly integrated into the automation portfolio. The Edge-capable Simatic HMI Unified Comfort Panel is a prime example: its range of functions can be expanded with apps that enable all of this. The Edge Management System is the central infrastructure for managing networked Edge devices of all kinds in your factory or even worldwide. The system can be installed on site within a company’s own IT infrastructure – for users who place particular value on data security and control – or alternatively in private or public cloud infrastructures. Edge application software or updates, such as security-critical firmware updates, can be rolled out centrally or remotely on connected Edge devices. Comprehensive user management supports administrators in the planned implementation of the rollout and the fine-grained distribution of user rights in order to enable high system and software availability.

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