Skyward partners with Red Rover to improve absenteeism management for districts

STEVENS POINT, Wis., February 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Skyward, a management software provider committed to providing a better experience for every user, is proud to announce a partnership with Red Rover, an absence management solution. The partnership eliminates the need for manual entry of employee leave and substitute work for Skyward SMS 2.0 and Qmlativ business platform customers.

Skyward customers can enter leave requests within Skyward which are then forwarded to Red Rover to complete the replacement request. In addition, Skyward customers can enter both leave and substitute requests into Red Rover and the information is retrieved through various options within Skyward depending on the platform used. Skyward SMS 2.0 platform customers can choose to export data from Red Rover and upload it to Skyward, or retrieve information directly from Red Rover via a web services connection at the push of a button. For Qmlativ customers, upcoming API integrations will enable real-time data transactions between the two systems.

“We’re excited to partner with Red Rover to bring this functionality to our customers,” he said Kevin Duda, Vice President of Products at Skyward. “Before the pandemic, finding a replacement was a challenge, which has only been compounded over the past year. This partnership will make it easier for school districts to find replacements who are qualified in the areas that need them so they can keep children learning.”

Red Rover has already been implemented in more than 1,700 schools across the country. The simplified software design eliminates the learning curve for educators, saving time and money by filling absences faster due to automatic schedule optimization technology, while attracting and retaining a stable pool of qualified subs.

“This partnership is focused on aligning with school districts across the country to support student learning,” he said Daniel O’Shaughnessey, Founder and Managing Partner at Red Rover. “We are excited to bring school district operations into the 21st centurySt Century to complement Skyward’s industry-leading K-12 school management software. Red Rover is delighted to partner with Skyward,” he added.

Both SMS 2.0 and Qmlativ Skyward customers will benefit from this partnership. Visit and for more information.

About Skyward

Skyward’s management software solutions are used by more than 2,000 public sector organizations worldwide, ranging from small institutions to nationwide deployments. Since 1980, Skyward has been committed to providing a better experience for every user. To learn more, visit

About Red Rover Technologies, LLC.

Red Rover offers a modern, intuitive employee absence and attendance management solution to simplify the lives of K-12 HR managers. As the fastest growing absence management solution, Red Rover helps more than 1,700 schools provide the best educator in every classroom, every day. Red Rover is headquartered in Exton, Pa. Learn more at

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