SQ stock will rebound after a strong fourth quarter earnings report

block (NYSE:Q) shares rose sharply on Thursday after the company formerly known as Square issued upbeat guidance for the second quarter and full year. The turnaround is something investors in SQ stock have been waiting for after a mixed third quarter.

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Square’s gross profit growth has slowed over the past two years. It started to see this after second quarter of the last year, pegged to 128%. Slow growth and a tough advertising market prompted Square to adjust its strategy and implement multiple marketing strategies. That’s evident in the third quarter, which posted 104% growth.

However, Block is a multi-billion dollar business that spans many aspects of finance, including technology and payments. It has revolutionized the way people pay with their smartphones by allowing them to process transactions through the Square app.

In addition to this service, there’s also a point-of-sale system for small businesses called Square, which helps businesses run more efficiently in their day-to-day operations.

Square was recently renamed Block in December. The change was made as their business expanded, including the new Cash app for mobile payments and Tidal for streaming music. The company also focuses on blockchain.

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Excellent fourth quarter result

Block’s stock turned around sharply after offering some forward-looking insights into its earnings. The company is expects impressive growth for its cash app business in January and February.

Maintaining momentum after last month’s record levels will be crucial. As for Block, the January results were affected through the omicron variant. But Block predicted it wouldn’t grow even more impressively until February.

Looking ahead, the company expects a higher gross profit growth rate in both the cash app and square seller businesses. This is due to sustained gains throughout the year with no sign of backing down anytime soon.

Block expects its performance to be more comparable throughout the year, not just this quarter. This follows news of new product opportunities and pricing adjustments.

Bring more color to the numbers

ban reported Q4 fiscal year 2021 Earnings beating analysts’ expectations. Adjusted earnings per share (EPS) beat analyst estimates.

Net sales increased 29% year-on-year (YOY). Block achieved a higher payment volume than expected. Block’s gross payment volume (GPV) met expectations at $46.3 billion, up 45% (YOY).

Gross payment volume is a key metric for the industry. It is used to measure the total amount of money transferred through a payment system, e.g. B. a bank, flows.

Users can send and receive payments to friends who have mobile block wallets, as well as buy things at stores that accept them Bitcoin (BTC USD). It charges a fee for payments of this magnitude, which are an important source of income. The fee is calculated based on the total transaction amount.

GPV also provides insight into the many different users using the company’s platform. Assuming Block can attract more people to this main payments ecosystem. In this case, it forwards traffic from other companies.

The more transactions it hosts, the higher the income block can be generated. Transaction-based revenue was $1.3 billion in Q4 2021, up 41% year over year.

Income from transactions increases. It was their second largest source of income next to bitcoin. Other sources of revenue were service-based and hardware sales.

problems in the business model

Block’s overall profits rose to $1.18 billion from $804 million last year. Analysts had forecast earnings of $1.16 billion. It is important to consider your gross profit.

According to its filings, Block generated $4.08 billion in revenue last year, up from $3.16 billion a year earlier, beating analysts’ expectations of $4.04 billion. The company also generated $1.96 billion in Bitcoin profits.

However, there are certain aspects of the business model that give cause for concern. Cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin, are losing momentum year to date. Until they trend higher again, SQ stock will remain under pressure due to its heavy investment and exposure to the crypto space.

Block has a lot of great things it can use to fuel its growth, including more crypto-related products and services. It has also acquired the Blockchain payment app Afterpay, a major acquisition for the company.

Wall Street is buzzing with discussions about how much money Block has poured into his cash app. The company announced that it will offer mobile check and fiat money deposits in the app, which could mean big things for investors interested in this innovative business model. Still, it will be difficult to match the growth rates achieved during the pandemic.

Risks for the thesis

With many different types of customers, software products in the consumer finance industry find it difficult to compete with those in the small business market. SQ’s offering is hard to beat for its competitors. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not willing to try.

PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) is a successful company offering an online money transfer platform. It is one of the most popular online payment methods. In recent years, it has seen significant growth and success with features like Venmo and Braintree.

PayPal is just one of Block’s strong competitors. The list ranges from Shopify (NYSE:SHOPPING) and other payment processors to merchants who use them First dates Clover unit.

Meanwhile, Square made a 170 million dollar investment into bitcoin in early 2021. Their earnings reports do not include the unrealized gain from this investment and bitcoin is excluded from total earnings.

The speculative nature of cryptos has caused their downfall and people have become more cautious when it comes to investing in them. This sentiment is also weighing on the SQ share.

What does the future hold for the SQ share?

Block also markets the Cash App to children and teenagers, make available for users aged 13 to 17 in the United States. It is planning a broad rollout of the Cash App with integration of Afterpay for the future. This should boost transaction rates, giving the app a chance to gain popularity.

With the recent growth of crypto, Block has also shown interest. It now accepts Bitcoin on Cash App and earns a small fee from related transactions. However, that’s not all it does. The company announced a new business unit including platforms focused on decentralized finance (DeFi).

One trend seems clear: More and more companies are getting into cryptocurrency because it can be profitable while remaining safe from volatility or restrictions like capital gains taxes. But there is no telling how long this trend will continue; We’ll have to wait until things become clearer.

In January, Block announced plans to build a Bitcoin mining system. Recently, CEO Jack Dorsey announced a new line of business to provide software developers with the tools they need to build bitcoin-centric financial services products. Also Dorsey the company said can create a bitcoin wallet.

Buy SQ shares to future-proof your portfolio

SQ stock faces intense competition in the consumer and small business finance apps market. Cash App has been a popular alternative to traditional banks during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The company’s stock has also seen significant growth this year and into 2021 as investors focused on the potential for success with new products.

Cash App’s direct deposit feature was particularly popular with consumers, who used it for government incentive payments and other benefits. But Cash App’s earnings slowed over the summer, prompting a change of pace for investors.

However, Block’s service revenue has been boosted by its newer Cash Card and Instant Deposit products. In addition to selling credit card readers and related peripherals, Block also offers point-of-sale and back-office software.

Block has released many software products that can transform the way you run your business. This included invoicing, payroll and marketing. It also aims to integrate payment tools with its e-commerce platforms.

Overall, Block has had great success over the past few years and has amazing growth potential. Its success can be attributed to its innovative business model and outstanding stock performance. Therefore, SQ stock is a growth pick to buy.

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