The Las Vegas security firm that works on the NFL draft says it gets a lot of requests but not enough staff

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — A private security firm said every one of its officers will be working on the NFL Draft, the owner comparing the scale to working on New Year’s Eve on the Strip over a three-day period.

Private Force International is a security firm responsible for over 300 properties across the valley ranging from casinos, apartment complexes and shopping malls. CEO Jonathan Alvarez said this is equivalent to serving just over 300,000 residents.

“It seems like we’re getting busier every month,” Alvarez said.

Each individual officer is dispatched to draft the NFL draft.

“All of our K9 teams are activated, all of our EST (Emergency Security Team) teams are activated, we have so many partners in the community who have also come forward, but again, our resources are completely exhausted,” Alvarez said.

Every day, PFI receives two to four calls at most from potential clients who want to hire security guards. Requests are coming in all the way to Reno.

Alvarez said they get 100 applications every week, but maybe two come into play. Applicants must have no convicted felonies and no drug use as they have federal contracts.

Finding childcare is the biggest challenge for applicants.

“We are now looking for partnerships as well as childcare facilities. So if they have the ability to offer discounted rates to our officers so we can help them too, that’s definitely something we do. Our officers and our team members are key,” Alvarez said.

Alan Almida, Captain of Special Investigations and Security, was the first employee Alvarez hired four years ago.

“Not being able to serve in the Marines because of a back injury fills the gap of giving back,” Almida said.

He recommends companies invest in some form of security to protect assets.

“For every property we had within the first 60 days, we reduced crime by a maximum of 40% and probably a minimum of 26%,” Almida said.

They offer training and have an in-house academy. Interested parties can apply to PFI on Facebook or on their website.

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