Type-C is the next trend of Io interface for POS system

Xizhi, Taiwan, February 12, 2022 – (PR.com) – The I/O interface is crucial for a POS system that can be connected to multiple peripherals, which is also the top priority when purchasing a POS system. When designing a POS system, multiple types of connectors must be considered to connect with keyboard, cash drawer, barcode scanner, camera, RFID, MSR, etc., thereby providing better expandability, functionality and most importantly, better service.

Currently, the dominant I/O interface is the USB Type-A connector, which is commonly used in the main peripherals of a POS system, but in 2019, the USB Implementers Forum, which includes members such as Apple, HP, Microsoft, and Intel Belong to, this known Type-C is the standard connector of USB4, which increases data transfer to 40Gbps, which is two times faster than USB3. Therefore, to support faster data transfer, USB Type-C may replace Type-A in the future to connect with devices that need to transfer a lot of data to display multimedia content and provide higher computing power.

In the POS system, we see that the latest POS terminals have integrated the Type-C port to connect with the second screen to display promotional content or interactive online campaigns. Meanwhile, users can connect the POS system to a PC or laptop via the Type-C port to run multiple programs on the screen at once. In addition, Type-C can be the high-wattage power cord to power the peripherals while it is even more user-friendly as you can plug in both sides of the plug.

Type-C is suitable for slim devices due to its size and functionality. Both Apple and Google have adopted Type-C as the main connection interface in their next-generation smartphones. As the world’s leading POS terminal manufacturer, Clentron keeps up with the latest trend by integrating 2 Type-C ports into the I/O interface of the latest model PT2700 and equipped with multiple functions to accelerate checkout efficiency.

The high flexibility and compatibility of Clientron PT2700 aims to provide partners with the best and latest POS system. If you need more information, please visit their website.

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