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As I was turning the pages of television the other day, tired of looking for something new, I saw two familiar faces pop up on the screen: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. They discussed the tactics of motor boating in Wedding crashers, and I hit the Info button on my remote to see how far the film was – but then saw the year it was released: 2005.

I would know Wedding crashers was old but no older than Twitter or sophomore high school. Even sixteen years later, and well past their career peak, I would still pay money to see Vaughn and Wilson on screen together, even if it were a forced sequel. Until then, I’ll be content with the cannabis strain named after the duo’s top performance.

Wedding Crasher (or Wedding Crashers, in some shops) is a cross between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch, which are two very similar equivalents to Vaughn and Wilson in the weed world. Both strains have been consistently popular for a couple of years, and if someone told you they were on a new project you would sign up unseen. And based on the checkout run that Wedding Crasher has in Colorado pharmacies, this project was a success.

Fruity, milky properties combined with old-school notes of Kush and Diesel give Wedding Crashers a balanced flavor that spans generations, and the physical high is a switch hitter. If I’m on my feet all day on a Saturday, Wedding Crasher wakes me up while he’s massaging minor pains. When I’ve finished work and haven’t eaten for six hours, Wedding Crasher doubles my appetite and gets me to bed before 10.30pm. Talk about a strong duo!

Wedding Crasher is raking this summer. We discovered the strain at A Cut Above, Cookies, Emerald Fields, Ganja Gourmet, Golden Meds, Green Dragon, Higher Grade, the Joint, Karmaceuticals, Lakeshore Cannabis, Lova, Magnolia Road, Mana Supply Company, Medicine Man, Native Roots, Oasis Cannabis, Pig ‘N’ Whistle, Silver Stem, Simply Pure, Solace Meds, Star Buds and Unity Road, but given the range of Veritas and the extractors working with it expect to see Wedding Crashers in other stores in Denver and the rest of Colorado.

Looks: Just like its parents, Wedding Crasher grows large, dense buds in chunky, elongated shapes with a thick layer of trichomes. The variety looks strikingly similar to Wedding Cake, albeit a little lighter, with a tendency to Sports purple spots.

Odor: Wedding Crasher’s aroma comes with many of your signature “doughy” and “frosty” nicknames, and the variety carries some sweet smells. At the end of these fruity notes, however, I smell a rather milky funk, almost like yogurt, with cozy hints of vanilla and earth and a thick layer of gas that covers everything.

Taste: Users report grape and vanilla flavors from Wedding Crasher, and I noticed them. The smoke begins sweet, with aromas of grapes or berries, depending on the cut, with a dirty vanilla aftertaste, accompanied by strong earthy and gaseous overtones.

Effects: A powerful physical high, the effects of Wedding Crasher relieved neck and back pain without destroying my energy or mental alertness – for about an hour. After that, your energy level comes into play because the crash hits hard when you’re working on little sleep … no pun intended.

The home grower’s opinion: “Beginners should avoid it until they are sure. It likes to fill up in the vegetable room, so you need to start filling up early and not everyone is sure about it. Colorado is not a bad setting for this, however, as these plump buds are a little prone to mold or mildew – another reason you shouldn’t grow Wedding Crashers if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, the yields and that cupcake flavor are well worth it. “

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