Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Tarot Prediction for January 30th to February 5th | astrology

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Love: Five of Cups

Mood: The Magician

Career: Page of Wands

Beautifying your workspace and surroundings will give you the serenity and calm you’ve been missing. Your excellent health will be a source of happiness. You can indulge yourself by doing things you love. You can satisfy your shopping hunger because your review arrived early. Perhaps your family will invite you to a beach trip. There is a strong possibility for acquiring a new property. Don’t wait and remember past love, work on self-improvement and self-love. The right person will come at the right time.

Lucky number: 9

Lucky Color: Purple

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Love: Two of Swords

Mood: The High Priestess

Career: The Hanged Man

Your ruling planet Venus will begin to brighten your home and love life when you are single. Make n plans with your partner, no matter how small the chance, they will all come true. Sharing your financial affairs with your spouse is recommended. Profits can be optimized. The same does not apply to your relationship with your siblings. Make a little more effort to spend time with them. Tell your parents how much you miss them by calling them. It could be the highlight of your week. Wear your lucky color on a romantic date.

Lucky number: 2

Lucky Color: Light Yellow

TWINS (May 21 – June 21)

Love: Ace of Swords

Mood: Coin Six

Career: The World

The universe seems to please you. However, your reluctance to resume your routine can cost you dearly. Consult a nutritionist and commit to the plan they have laid out for you. Commercial success and fortune can uplift your spirit. Even the arrogant account manager will not be able to spoil your mood at work. You can spend your weekend driving to a hill station with the love of your life. You will thank the universe for making this possible. Listen, singles, give that person a chance who is trying so hard to win your affection. Maybe in the end you’ll be grateful.

Lucky number: 4

Lucky Color: Olive Green

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Love: Three of Swords

Mood: The Empress

Career: The Hanged Man

Change may be daunting, but when you embrace it, you grow in life. Freelancers who enjoy working from the comfort of their own home may need to move to offices. Don’t let anyone steal your credit at work, you deserve to be appreciated for your work. You may have to pay a visit to your relatives by invitation, which may not prove pleasant. Expect a good financial boost from your investments. When a friend is in distress and needs help, make some time to be there for them. Single people have a good chance of meeting someone interesting while volunteering at an NGO.

Lucky number: 2

Lucky Color: White

LEO (July 23 – August 23)

Love: The Chariot

Mood: Eight of Wands

Career: Five of Cups

You may have to play devil’s advocate while considering new investment opportunities. Explore new ways to achieve financial security. Postpone your proposal at the office to ask for a raise. The week can’t be cheap. Your family will recognize your hard work and dedication. Turn to your partner for mental comfort. they will hold you A sudden plan to travel to a religious place may surprise you, but you will feel calmer and better throughout the journey. If you are not happy with your role in the workplace, you may be looking for better options as money can only fix a limited amount.

Lucky number: 11

Lucky Color: Dark Brown

VIRGIN (August 24 – September 23)

Love: side of the mugs

Mood: Two of the coins

Career: The Star

Excessive training has never done anyone any good. Recognize your body’s limits and signals. Take a break from the hectic schedule and indulge in some rest. The cash flow should remain stable. You might find a new income stream towards the end of the week. Stay away from a person who you might feel is disregarding your boundaries and who can’t take a hint. You may have to deal with an obnoxious relative at a solemn gathering. The romantic life is probably excellent. Wedding bells may be ringing for some.

Lucky number: 1

Lucky color: lavender

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)

Love: Seven of Cups

Mood: Five of Wands

Career: The Hierophant

The need to express oneself may be high; through art, plays or writings. The artists have a fabulous and productive week ahead. You may find inspiration in everyday activities. However, money matters may not be in sync with your artistic catharsis, so limit your hand when it comes to spending. Some of you may be experiencing the joy of being a first-time parent. Wanderlust can make you want to backpack around the world alone. You might also meet an enchanting person on one of your quests. This affection will last a long time.

Lucky number: 3

Lucky Color: Light Green

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

Love: Judgment

Mood: The lovers

Career: devil

You may feel confrontational towards someone and they can let it come. Talk to the elephant in the room instead of beating around the bush. Litigation over an inherited land may take up some of your thinking space, but your legitimate claim will likely be proven in the end. Alleviating loneliness may be your immediate need, but jumping into a relationship you’re not ready for can bring heartache down the road. Use your free time to hang out with friends and family. It can be refreshing and empowering for your bond.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky Color: Parrot Green

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)

Love: Four of Cups

Mood: The Star

Profession: Justice

Congratulations on achieving your fitness goals! People in your life may notice and admire your dedication to your purpose. Irresponsible behavior by an older family member can worry others. Use empathy so they see the consequences of their actions for the rest of the family. Excessive workload can keep you in office longer than usual, but don’t worry as it will benefit your career. Some of you may enter the next phase of your relationship. If your lover is dying to get married, say yes because this is an auspicious time to begin the rest of your life together.

Lucky number: 15

Lucky Color: Indigo

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 21)

Love: temperance

Mood: The strength

Career: Five Wands

Your life is heading in the right direction. You will enjoy your high enthusiasm and robust health. If you’re feeling unhappy and dissatisfied, let yourself be pampered. Indulge in taking up more space. Remember that your boundaries are only defined by you. Avoid leaving the train station if you can. Dating someone who is a rash driver can harm you in more ways than you can anticipate. Spending more time with family will build and relieve stress. Your complaints regarding your rented house will be resolved in an orderly manner. Your spouse may ask for more of your attention and time.

Lucky number: 2

Lucky Color: Sky Blue

AQUARIUS (January 22 – February 19)

Love: Ten of Wands

Mood: The Hermit

Career: Four of the Cups

You will feel welcome and valued in your community. As your social standing rises, you may need to be more careful with people who call themselves your friend. Your savings may decrease due to some unavoidable expenses. Hiring a nurse may be a wiser choice for a sick family elder. Those who work in the financial sector are likely to stay longer on weekdays. A distant relative visiting you will likely stay here. Find common activities for your child. Commercial success is important, but not at the expense of your family time. Some are planning a second honeymoon.

Lucky number: 11

Lucky Color: Dark Brown

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

Love: King of Coins

Mood: The Fool

Career: The World

Your family’s collective income is expected to increase. You can buy a new vehicle or an important piece of equipment. Your parents may insist on donating a good amount of money to religious causes. You can take up their suggestion to build a temple in your hometown. On the business front, takeovers and mergers are foreseen. The expansion of your business is well within this week’s possibilities. Your search for a perfect life partner can have a positive ending. You may be inclined to talk about your worldviews and spiritual beliefs with your new found partner, which will lead to a deeper foundation of understanding between the two of you.

Lucky number: 17

Lucky Color: Light Grey

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