What makes the IndusInd savings account new and innovative?


Here is a look at some of the most innovative and top notch banking features for modern India

After you’ve funded your monthly expenses, including subscriptions, bills, EMIs, credit card payments, and more, pay your funds into one saving account without mistakes. Savings accounts give you quick and secure access to cash around the clock. Plus, you get a modest return on your money even without investing.

However, innovative products in the savings bank services sector have become the order of the day. Note that banks offer higher interest rates, digital banking features, etc. to help retain customers. It goes without saying that today’s customers are looking for more than just being able to Open a savings account online.

The IndusInd Bank creates space for interactive, comfortable and dynamic banking experiences and offers new-age products saving account Services for Today’s Customers. Here’s a look at some of the most innovative and world-class banking features for modern India.

  1. Choice of money

At the ATMs of IndusInd Bank Choice you can choose the denomination of the banknotes from an assortment of 100, 500 and 2000 rupees. For example, while you are away from your saving accountif you want Rs 10,000 you can choose from denominations of 2000, 500, 100, or a mix.

In addition, you can make unlimited free ATM transactions in India by maintaining a minimum monthly balance greater than Rs 10,000. Whether you Open a savings account online or offline, at IndusInd Bank there are many advantages. Benefit from intelligent cash management services and pay and collect via RTGS, NACH, NEFT, POS machines and payment gateways.

If digital isn’t your forte, you can also get DD edition, door-to-door cash delivery, or bulk check printing on yours. use saving account Medium.

  1. Cash on the cell phone

Taking Digital Banking Capabilities to the Next Level IndusInd Bank now allows you to send funds to the recipient’s cell phone number. The function is available at selected IndusInd Bank ATMs or in the IndusMobile application. With the revolutionary Cash-on-Mobile, a cardless cash service, you can transfer cash from your saving account without a debit card. If your recipient needs cash right away or doesn’t have a bank account, they can still easily access the transferred money.

  1. Check on checks

If you’re worried about losing a check entry again, worry no more! A first in the banking industry, the imaginative facility will bring you back together with your misplaced checks. The IndusInd Bank check-on-check function gives you access to copies of your checks or records your checks in the IndusInd Bank’s internet banking. You can also access your scanned images saving account Checks available online in your monthly statement.

  1. Duo card

It doesn’t matter if you Open a savings account online or working offline, card transactions are still in vogue. IndusInd Bank combines the flexibility and freedom of debit and credit cards in one and offers the Duo Card, India’s first debit-cum credit card. The card, which is equipped with two EMV chips and a magnetic strip, offers combined reward points on a single account statement.

In addition, a Duo card offers increased security for your local and global transactions. You can use your two-in-one card to withdraw cash from yours. take off saving account or pay out your credit card limit at a POS machine. In addition, there are no restrictions on using your Duo card for digital transactions. Insurance benefits, purchase protection, travel assistance, fuel surcharge exemption and more are just cherries on top.

In today’s world where spending is skyrocketing and your lifestyle demands bespoke financial solutions, IndusInd Bank is the way to go. Over the years, IndusInd Bank has innovated in the saving account Banking industry. Because if the problems are current, your bank can also be up to date

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