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Six years after the release of Windows 10, Microsoft officially announced the next-generation Windows 11 operating system at an online press conference on June 24, 2021. The main changes are the user interface, application memory, game performance, and tablet mode. .. It is worth noting that Windows 11 will be the first to offer compatibility support for Android applications.

Outwardly, Windows 11 introduces a more rounded corner design, with the Start button in the lower center of the screen instead of the left side. The new system has new icon styles, finer transparency, new themes, improved light and dark themes, and rounded corners throughout the window.

Windows 11 functionally supports Android applications and users can download them from the Amazon application store. Microsoft also announced that it has rebuilt the Microsoft Store to make it easier for users to explore applications, games, video programs, and movies.

In gaming, this is one of the major improvements in Windows 11. Microsoft announced the introduction of Auto-HDR in Windows 11 to improve the gaming experience. DirectStorage can also offer faster loading times and a more sophisticated game world.

Microsoft has repeated that Windows 10 users can upgrade their new systems for free. This corresponds to the usual upgrade strategy. You also need a PC that meets the minimum hardware requirements.

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Windows 11 is a free upgrade. Get Windows 10 for $ 8 with this Flash Sale !!!

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