Z SUPPLY is redesigning its online shop B2Z wholesale platform


So far, 2021 has been busy with a number of rapid developments and new features for the technology developers at Z SUPPLY, LLC, which have been rolled out on the company’s wholesaling platform shopB2Z.com. The business-to-business platform, which was developed to bridge the gap between traditional wholesale order entry systems in order to offer their retail partners a specialized, curated shopping experience, has been completely redesigned from the homepage to the navigation interface.

Always striving to make shopB2Z an optimized experience, the tech gurus at Z SUPPLY have introduced AI-powered algorithms that dynamically fill in important category pages in real time and show customers the most relevant products from the brand’s extensive collection. This super-specialized shopping experience is designed to make life easier for retail partners so that they can get the product their customers will love.

New functionality has also been added for sharing and editing draft orders between customers and their sales reps, and performance improvements to the checkout interface can process large orders with multiple deliveries more efficiently. A new integrated portal for users to browse and view their past invoices has also been introduced. Looking ahead, the development team is also currently working on a new system that will allow customers to easily update and manage payment methods for their orders, and Z SUPPLY expects it to be launched by the end of the third quarter of this year.

“We are very happy with what our development team has done with shopB2Z and we see and hear great feedback from our trading partners,” said Mandy Fry, President of Z SUPPLY. “But these won’t be the last innovations you see as Z SUPPLY remains a leader in the evolving digital fashion space. We are constantly striving to make our business – and therefore our customers’ business – more efficient and shopB2Z is ​​a fantastic tool to achieve this. “

These new developments complement the other technical innovations at shopB2Z, including the virtual Z SUPPLY showroom, in which the product is shown on the model with narration of all details in real time. Here, wholesale buyers can add products to their shopping cart while they are being displayed without having to skip a beat.

While trade shows are making a slow comeback after the pandemic, shopB2Z will continue to maximize the time each rep has with their accounts, giving shoppers more time to shop and plan their floor sets.

“The digital space is evolving rapidly in the fashion and apparel industry,” said Fry. “And while we love to see our accounts in person, we know this is the way to reach them all, putting as much time and care as possible into each order.”

Z SUPPLY is evolving and evolving the platform, with real-time human-to-human video conferencing, an artificial intelligence component that creates intelligent reorder systems, and more, all in the pipeline. By adding the real-time video conferencing feature, Z SUPPLY can host multiple employees in different locations, with the ability to work and discuss what they are buying, or the account can connect and collaborate with a sales rep to complete or answer the order all questions. Z SUPPLY also plans to create goods pages for buyers that will be populated after items have been selected after delivery, with the ability to manipulate quantity, delivery and color.


Thomas George, Owner of E Street Denim and its Affiliates, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin:

“I believe that developing this tool goes way beyond the daily issues and helps the retailer understand the vision and evolution of the Z SUPPLY brand and product. I’m a fan. That makes me a better buyer. “

April Lawyer, Founder / Owner of Vanilla Urban Threads in Bend, Oregon:

“The shopB2Z platform for shopping the Z SUPPLY collections made it so easy for me to continue shopping at the brand without interruption. I would like other brands to offer something like this. I was even more impressed when they launched their virtual showroom – I love how each category is shown and I can shop while looking at it. It made my buying experience so much more efficient. Sometimes I notice that I am putting everything in the shopping cart. “

Steph Clymer, Founder / Owner of Shop Common Thread in Costa Mesa, California:

“I’m obsessed with shopB2Z and how quick and easy it is to shop for newcomers. This page is included in my morning routine because I’m always so excited to see what’s new and great! “

Amy Anderson, Founder / Owner of Viva Diva Boutique in San Rafael, California:

“Buying Z Supply via the new shopB2Z platform is so incredibly easy! Anytime I need instant messages, I can place orders for anything I need in minutes. For future orders, the process is so thorough. I love when I look at the stills of models that I can easily see all the angles with absolutely clear, professional images. However, watching the new seasonal videos is even better! As a buyer of a small boutique, it is important not only to understand the shapes of the new styles, but also to see the fall of the fabric and the fit on a model in motion. Perhaps the best part of these videos is that the items appear on the screen as the styles change, and one click of the “add to cart” button is amazing and so easy! Sitting in my home office and writing orders is not ideal, but Z Supply made the process so simple and clear. “


The story of Z SUPPLY begins in 2013 with the idea that simplicity, comfort and style should coexist in every wardrobe. What started with a simple cotton T-shirt quickly developed into a line of classic, casual-cool styles for everyday life. Innovation is still crucial, which has prompted Z SUPPLY to expand with more timeless fashion essentials, with indispensable characteristic soft fabrications, fun-loving patterns and ultra-flattering silhouettes and versatile styles as well as cozy loungewear in Z Lounge and a line of matching styles for Girls aged 7 to 14 with the Z SUPPLY Girls collection.

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